About me

David Herbert is an author of recipes

Welcome to my new site and thanks for visiting. I am constantly adding new recipes and updating the pages. There is also a ‘Baking  Club’ page with lots of new baking recipes and tips which will develop further over the next few weeks. Sign up for my newsletter to receive updates and exclusive recipes. Any feedback is appreciated and thanks again for visiting.

I am a home cook and recipe writer. I am the author of the best selling Perfect Cookbook, More Perfect Recipes, Picnics, Complete Perfect Recipes, The Really Useful Cookbook and David Herbert’s Best-ever Baking Recipes.

 I write recipes for the Weekend Australian Magazine and am the Contributing Food Editor at Easy Living Magazine in the UK. I am currently living and working in London, surrounded by my kitchen treasures, cookbooks and antique copper saucepans.

I have been obsessed with food since childhood. Growing up in a small seaside town in Australia, my spare time was spent fishing and thinking of new ways to cook my daily catch.

My philosophy regarding food is based on simplicity… keep it simple, use seasonal, local and organic ingredients where possible, be inspired by restaurant food, but don’t try to cook it at home. Eat meals at a table, not in front of the telly, and don’t rush it; celebrate food.

All the food I cook or the recipes that I write are produced by me in a simple domestic kitchen and designed for readers to cook at home. Not too many ingredients or lengthy methods, and you’ll find no fancy drizzles of sauce. I’ll leave that to celebrity chefs.